What Is Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control?

Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control is a high-tech system designed to make cruise control safe and easy. Unlike a standard cruise control system, which can only operate at a single speed, Adaptive Cruise Control scans the road ahead for traffic, and adjusts the vehicle speed and following distance as necessary.

The basic cruise control system found on most cars can be frustrating, relying on multiple user inputs to even operate correctly. Worst of all, it doesn't account for vehicles ahead, forcing you to constantly adjust your cruise control. Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control, or ACC, has taken the stress and confusion out of highway driving by allowing you to simply set your maximum speed and follow distance. By using a high-tech radar system built into the front of the vehicle, as well as a high-definition camera mounted in the windshield, ACC measures the distance between the vehicles ahead, and maintains a safe speed and follow distance. This system is easy to use, and only takes a few moments to set up.

How to Use Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control

  1. While driving, press the ACC button on the left side of your steering wheel. For reference, it will look like the silhouette of a car with a speedometer icon.
  2. Confirm that the ACC icon has appeared on the instrument display, and accelerate to your desired speed.
  3. Once you have maintained speed, press and hold down the Set switch. The cruise control will now be active.
  4. Once behind a vehicle, press the Set Distance button, which is to the right of the Set switch. The system will automatically follow at a safe distance.

New Alfa Romeo Vehicles With Adaptive Cruise Control

Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control just one of many new high-tech features offered by the Italian carmaker, and is now available on select new models. For 2020, Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control is available for Giulia and Stelvio models. For more information about Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control, or how to activate and use it, call us at (844) 493-8109 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable teammates. While you're here, be sure to check out more exciting Alfa Romeo technology and browse our new Alfa Romeo models, many of which feature Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control.

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