What Is the Alfa Romeo DNA System?

The Alfa Romeo DNA System is a quick and easy way to change the handling and performance characteristics of your Alfa Romeo. With settings for Dynamic, Natural, and Advanced, the driving mode can easily be switched with a dial on the center console. You can even change modes while driving, to match road conditions or driving styles.

Unique Driving Modes

Many new cars and SUVs sold today feature a single additional driving mode, typically a sport mode or economy mode. Although nice to have, a single driving mode doesn't offer much to drivers. Fortunately the Alfa Romeo DNA System offers three unique driving modes, each with their own special characteristics. With Alfa Romeo DNA you can switch between these driving modes to match your driving style or road conditions, quickly and easily from your center console. The included driving modes are as follows:

  • Dynamic: A sportier driving feel, enhanced stability at speed, and more responsive acceleration.
  • Natural: This offers the highest level of driving comfort. Engine and transmission response is standard, no changes to driving feel.
  • Advanced: Increased control in adverse weather conditions. Best to use when traversing difficult terrain or in rain or icy conditions.

New Alfa Romeo Vehicles with DNA System

With several unique driving modes to choose from, the DNA System can instantly change the driving style and performance of your Alfa Romeo vehicle. For 2020, the Alfa Romeo DNA System is available on all new Alfa Romeo vehicles, including the new Stelvio SUV. For more information about the Alfa Romeo DNA System, or any other new Alfa Romeo feature, give us a call at (844) 493-8109 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable teammates. While you're here, be sure to view our new inventory to find your very own Alfa Romeo with DNA technology today!

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