What Is Alfa Romeo Lane Departure Warning?

The Alfa Romeo Lane Departure Warning is an advanced safety system designed to keep you from accidentally veering outside your lane and potentially causing a collision. Even the slightest distraction can cause you to drift into another lane, especially with other passengers in the vehicle. In most cases, you can quickly catch yourself, but prolonged or continual distraction can dramatically increase the risk of an accident. The Alfa Romeo Lane Departure Warning system helps keep you driving safely by alerting you when your vehicle starts to veer outside the lane.

Utilizing a forward-facing camera mounted on the windshield, the Lane Departure Warning system constantly monitors your placement inside the lane markers. If you drift over a lane marker and no turn signal is active, you will hear an audible warning sound. If you continue to drift, the instrument panel will illuminate on the left or right side to help let you know which side you are crossing over.

How To Use the Alfa Romeo Lane Departure Warning

To activate or deactivate the Lane Departure Warning system, simply press the button on the end of your turn signal stalk. When the system is off, you will see a lane departure icon with the word "OFF" illuminate on your dashboard. When you start your Alfa Romeo, the Lane Departure Warning system maintains the operating mode selected when the vehicle was last turned on. For safety purposes, it is recommended to keep Lane Departure Warning active at all times.

New Alfa Romeo Cars & SUVs with Lane Departure Warning

The Alfa Romeo Lane Departure Warning system is available on new Giulia and Stelvio models equipped with the Driver Assist Dynamic Plus package. For more information on the Lane Departure Warning system or any other advanced Alfa Romeo technologies, feel to contact us today at (844) 493-8109. Our friendly and knowledgeable teammates are here to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, be sure to check out our inventory of new Alfa Romeo models with Lane Departure Warning for sale in Northglenn today!